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    Originated from Dihua Street, Taipei, Taiwan. Vegefarm has been operating for more than 70 years.As a top leading frozen vegetarian food manufacturer, Vegefarm produces and supplies more than 300 kinds of vegetarian and vegan products, which are healthy, delicious and with high quality.

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  • Quality control

    We pay attention to details. All details as quality definition.

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    Quality Control System

    All the products must go through for 4 checkpoints as below

    Raw Material Inspection
    Process Testing
    Microbiological Testing
    Shipping Inspection

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    Purified water is used in our food production. Our filters can remove all heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, trichloromethane, suspended solids, impurities, minerals, etc. to make purified water and then sterilizing by the use of UV lamps to have the double protection.

    Quality control staff conduct water quality test regularly for total number of bacteria, and escherichia coli, coliform, pH, and residual chlorine.

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    Air Quality Control

    Periodically detecting the number of airborne bacteria to ensure the best air quality in the production environment.

    Moreover, UV sterilization lamps are used to eliminate bacteria in t he air during the non-production time.

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    Inspection of Raw Materials

    In addition to rigorous purchase inspection, manufacturers are required to provide inspection reports (pesticide residues, aflatoxin, preservatives, onochloropropanediol, non-genetically modified, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.) by following the characteristics of raw materials.

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    Strict Check of Personnel

    Every processor must go through at least five checkpoints before he/she enters the job site:
    1.Sterilize feet in the disinfection pool
    2.Brush hands
    3.Alcohol disinfection
    4.Pass through the automatic gate
    5.Air bath

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    Individually Quick Freezing ( IQF )

    The IQF process can lower the core temperature of a product to the frozen state (-18℃) in 30 to 40 minutes in order to effectively reduce microbial growth without adding any chemicals. The IQF process can also maintain moisture in the product, large amounts of the original vitamins, minera ls and other nutrients. It also ensures t he shape, freshness and taste of the products.

  • About Vegefarm

    We vow to develop delicious products and provide you an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
    Always care for consumer's needs and tastes under the promise to keep everything as natural as possible.

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